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Posted by : Anonim Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

List of changes: * Added module clienthook (by DJB). * Updated metahook. * Fixed combo Killy, now you can play at any resolution. * Fixed bugs with flying customer. * Basis of Condition Zero. * The interface is English. * Fixed a bug texture_overflow plug NST_Base, due to which the CSO-NST Beta 3 crazy retarded. * Nice user interface familiar to Refresh. * Small size of client and server. * When discarding weapons, it will automatically disappear (do not throw stones, it was done for reasons of balance) * By default, the use of all weapons. 


Go to the CSOL Advanced.exe (if you ask for CD-KEY, then enter 54RMQ-6YCIK-ZVN4R-W22E8-3IQSC) We go into the settings and adjust as convenient for you (or nickname, mouse sensitivity, etc.) Go to the servers -> Favorites and add server ip where we want to play, go, play. To play the game alone is enough to press "New Game" and select a card. Modes can be selected in CSOL Advanced Mods.exe, but only to turn the game / server. 

Create your own server: 

RMB to CSOL DS.bat, click "Edit" and set for themselves (it is important to write your ip, port, and select any change to your rcon_password that you prefer that nobody know about. Then run the CSOL DS.bat We look forward to the end of the download (If done correctly, the final line should be about "[AMXX] Menu item 18 added ..." or "Using default master." Admin can add up to a server to a file cstrike / addons / amxmodx / config / users.ini Managing the server admin panel (console game) to do rcon command (Eg rcon bot_quota 15) prior to entering the console rcon_password "pass" Where is "pass" - a password that you set in CSOL DS.bat. 


sontung DJB lamaster (Rejuvenation) 

List of weapons in the game: 

1.Anaconda. 2.Desert Eagle Gold. 3.Infinity Single Black. 4.Infinity Single Red. 5.Infinity Single Silver. 6.Dual Infinity (two custodial). 7.Dual Infinity Custom (Two custodial). 8.Dual Infinity Final (two custodial). 9.Luger. 10.Luger Silver. 11.Luger Gold. 12.Divine Rock (Musket). 13.Skull-1 (Two custodial). 14.Lighning BIG-EYE. "V.I.P." M79. "ADMIN" M79 Gold. 
1.Double Barrel. 2.Quat Barrel (Two custodial) 3.Kel-tec KSG12. 4.M1887. 5.M1887 Gold. 6.Lightning SG-1 (Umbrella). 7.Usas12. 8.Usas12 Camo. 
1.LB1000 (two-mode). 2.KB2000 (two-mode). 3.MP5 Gold. 4.MP5 Tiger. 5.MP7A1. 6.MP7A1 60R. 7.P90 Rabbit. 8.Tempest (SF SMG). 9.Thompson. 10.Thompson Gold. 11.Lightning SMG-1. 
1.AI AS50. 2.AW50. 3.AWP Camo. 4.AWP Xmas. 5.Cross bow. 6.Barret M95. 7.Skull-5. 8.SL8. 9.SL8 Gold. 10.SL8 Custom. 11.TRGU2. 12.TRG Plantium. 13.VSK 94. 14.WA 2000. 15.WA 2000 Gold. 16.Remington XM2010 ESR. 17.M24. 18.M400. 19.SVD. 
Sub Machine guns: 
1.ACR Black Snake. 2.FN F2000. 3.FN FNC. 4.Lightning AR-1. 5.HK 416. 6.K1A. 7.K1A Blue Dragon. 8.Kriss Super V. 9.L85A2. 10.M12 Ebr. 11.M16A4. 12.M4A1 Dragon. 13.M4A1 Gold. 14.M4A1 Scope. 15.QBB95. 16.QBB95Ex. 17.QBZ95B. 18.Scar. 19.Blaster (SF Gun). 20.SIG SG550. 21.SIG SG552. 22.Sturmgewegr 44. 23.TAR21. 
1.HK23. 2.HK23 Gold. 3.M134. 4.M134 Xmas. 5.M134 Predator. 6.M294 Red. 7.Skull-7. 8.M60E4. 9.MG3. 10.HK MG36. 11.MG3 Gold. 12.MG3 Xmas. 13.PKM. 
1.3rd Anniversary Cake. 2.Cart Frag. 3.M67. 4.M67 Fire. 5.Heart Bomb. 6.Holy Water Grenade. 7.M24 Grenade. 8.Pumpkin. 9.Moon Cake.

Download: Link

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