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Posted by : Anonim Senin, 25 Juni 2012

A group of usable objets in a map
This is my first submission, it's only a pack of prefabs, they are: 1. It's a Transparent Glass, it have the entity funcwall with render mode put, you can see it transparent in your compiled map. 2. It's a simple fence texture block, with funcwall too, you can put another texture if you want, whatever you can see transparent it too. 3. It's a block with black texture and a button texture, it has funcbutton entity, you only need to put target or name,etc. 4. It's a block with black textures too, but with a light texture, it includes a lightspot, you can change it if you want. 5. It's a ladder, it has ladder textures, with funcillusionary entity, transparent too, and it has aaatrigger block, with entity funcladder, to go up. 6. It's a simple stair with a texture from csdust, you can change it if you want. Enjoy the Prefabs!

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