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Posted by : Revian Dwi Putra Nugroho Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Simple tut. for create teleportations
Hi to all! This is a simple tutorial for the entity trigger_teleport, just do these steps and you can create it:
  • Create a solid, with texture aaatrigger , select it and press CTRL+T , now change these properties: [IMAGE 1]
  • TARGET: Telep1
  • Now create an entity called "infoteleportdestination" and put in where you want the player teleports when it goes to the teleport area. [IMAGE 2]
  • Now select it and press ALT+ENTER, and in its properties change this:
  • NAME: Telep1
  • It's ready to work, now just compile your map and when you enter in the teleport zone, you will be teleported to the created target!
Tutorial created by Sebamora_123, created for help to the beginners. Good luck with mapping!

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