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Posted by : Revian Dwi Putra Nugroho Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

Easy Bind Creator
program used to automatically create your bind (700 KB) - DOWNLOAD

AMXX Changer by fpsgames.com.br
Program to automatically exchange of phrases AMXX without the need to modify anything in the addon (1 MB) - DOWNLOAD

HLTV Models
Strip when the effects of the weapons are exchanged, is equal in HLTV - Full Tutorial (6 MB) - DOWNLOAD

program that helps very famous in the administration of your server - Full Tutorial (600 KB) - DOWNLOAD

Program that helps in managing your server (see AMX Mod X) - Full Tutorial (1 MB) - DOWNLOAD

sXe Injected
anti-xiter The program in use today - Full Tutorial (3 MB) - DOWNLOAD

HL Logo Creator
Program too good for you to create a spray from an image - Full Tutorial (1 MB) - DOWNLOAD

Steam ID Finder
Useful for those who do not know the number of own Steam, with it you will discover (5 KB) - DOWNLOAD

Video Match
Used to convert their demo CS for the format. avi - Full Tutorial (1.5 MB) - DOWNLOAD

SK Player
With this program you can see the demos without entering the game (1 MB) - DOWNLOAD

With this program you can leave your server's IP Fixed - Full Tutorial (600 KB) - DOWNLOAD

CS 1.6 - Command Menu Editor
Create your own menu for Counter-Strike 1.6 (2.7 MB) - DOWNLOAD

Tool to manage the installation of maps (45 KB) - DOWNLOAD

HLMV (Half Life Model Viewer)
Visualize files. mdl, skins for counter-strike 1.6 gaming platform and HL1 (130 KB) - DOWNLOAD

Sprite View
Visualize sprites Counter-Strike and other gaming platform HL1 (35 KB) - DOWNLOAD

Sprite Wizard
Create sprites with this tool (230 KB) - DOWNLOAD

Create, view and edit texture files. wad (1.1 MB) - DOWNLOAD

CSS Background Maker
Create funds console for Counter-Strike Source (2.9 MB) - DOWNLOAD

CS 1.6 Background Maker
Create funds console for Counter-Strike 1.6 (2.9 MB) - DOWNLOAD

CS Color Scheme
Change the color scheme of menus Counter-Strike 1.6 and CZ (3 MB) - DOWNLOAD

Mouse Fix
Fix mouse acceleration with this utility - Full Tutorial (1 KB) - DOWNLOAD

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