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Posted by : Revian Dwi Putra Nugroho Sabtu, 14 Juli 2012


HyperMetal's G36C animations on Arby26's G36C

My first release of 2012!
So I finally decided to release this thing after all. Sorry I didn't put any kind of scope on the gun, it was originally for the UMP slot.
Comes with:
  • World models
  • 2 buy pictures
  • Arby's new G36C model
  • Two texture variations: Arby's default textures, and Adam's Desert ACU textures
12/15 Fixed online problems and added Adam's Desert ACU textures12/16 Fixed texture directories. Got rid of the clipping on maghit, and made empty mag drop more noticeably
Zira's HD video preview <3 
Max's HD video preview 

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