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Posted by : Revian Dwi Putra Nugroho Sabtu, 14 Juli 2012

M4 animations in Chris Costa's style
It's me again with another release, M4 animations in Chris Costa's style by Slayer5530.
Why has I released it ? Because of:
  • Beatiful animations by Slayer5530.
  • Lovely shaders by Slayer again.
  • Working online.
  • Wees.
Why no buypics ? Because my buypics maker is on vacation :|
Also you can select between slow/fast reload. The slow fits original Famas but looks really slow and the fast looks nice but doesn't fit at all.
Oh, and no particles because I started hating them.
P.S.: I'm sure I forgot someone in credits, so please help me fix this problem.
My video: 

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