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Posted by : Anonim Senin, 25 Juni 2012

My first tutorial
Part 1: Slicing picture accurately using Adobe Photoshop
1.I choose a picture with a dimension 1024 x 768 as an example, this photo need to be slice into 12 pieces (3x4)into 256 x 256 each.
2.First, open a picture.
3.Put rulers by going to View/Rulers (Ctrl+R).(Screenshot 1)
4.For high accuracy, place the guide lines by going to View/New Guides. Put the number that will divide the pictures. Blue lines will be shown. (5 guide lines shown, Screenshot 2&3)
5.Use rectangle marquee tool to start select the pieces then paste it in a new picture 256 x 256 size.(If u have some downloaded CS background sample of size 256 x 256, open it don,t new picture, easier this way).
6.Selecting the pieces in the middle is a bit difficult but no worries, with the guide lines u just need to target accurately. Observe SCREENSHOT 4 closely, u may say it is a bit inaccurate but when I test the background, it is perfect + guided by the lines. (Do not trust your eye too much).
7.Remember to check after finish (The layer u paste must fit the picture, if not fit check ur accuracy, DO NOT try to transform the pasted layer!!).(screenshot 5).
8.When saving the pictures, save in TGA file ONLY. The file name should be in number arrangement for a purpose (in Part 2) (DO NOT put rubbish names or names of pet/human, follow some of your downloaded background sample of u can't think of a proper name for it).Example:(Screenshot 6)
9.Put them in a background folder.(Screenshot 6)
Part 2: INFO about the 'BackgroundLoadingLayout.txt' file & 'BackgroundLayout.txt' file.
1.Put these 2 file into resource folder.(U only can edit the content if u understand the function based on the TGA file names).(DO NOT create the TXT file, download them).
2.These 2 files play important role to make sure the TGA files are working.(GUI Archive without these files is INCOMPLETE)
3.If u create a background without a loading background then the content in both TXT file MUST be same.(Screenshot 7).(Alert the spacing between the words, RECOMENDED NOT TO touch, to avoid bugs).
4.If u create a background & a loading background then the content in both TXT file MUST be different. Example:(Screenshot 8).(Alert the spacing between the words, RECOMMENDED NOT TO touch, to avoid bugs).
5.Remember based on the TGA file name!!!!
6.Number at the right of the file names are based on the TGA file dimension.(not KB or MB).

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