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Posted by : Revian Dwi Putra Nugroho Senin, 25 Juni 2012

The best compiling tool with lots of settings.
Hello all mappers! This compiling tool was originally made by Orbital Studio years ago, but after deleting whole Counter-Strike-1.6 category it disappears. However Orbital Studio is more then year dead :( so I would like to re-upload this useful tool!
It contains lots of settings to CSG, BSP, VIS and RAD tools via checkboxes. Every option has some explanation. It's more stable then compiling map through VHE.

SETTINGS OF OS (Orbital Studio).

  1. After installing, start OS and go to tab PATHS.
  2. MAP FILES - locate folder where you have exported .map files from VHE.
  3. WAD FILES - locate folder where are .wad files with textures. Mostly it could be Valve\cstrike
  4. PLACE COMPILED MAPS - Valve\cstrike\maps
  5. GAME EXE - Valve\hl.exe
  6. EXE EXTRA PARAMETERS - yeah, there could be problem. When You are using CS1.6 nonsteam patch V36 (47/48pro) you have to add "-game cstrike -steam -dev -console +deathmatch 1" otherwise it just compile your map and you have to manualy start your map. If you have older pathes just leave it alone as it is.


  1. Export your map in VHE into .map file.
  2. In OS at tab GENERAL locate your .map file.
  3. Use some settings if you want.
  4. Compile! and run map!
  5. Enjoy!

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