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Posted by : Anonim Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

Preview of De_Downgrade(click to enlarge):

Counter Strike Map De_Downgrade for Condition Zero

Counter Strike Map De_Downgrade for Counter Strike 1.6

Downgrade(Downtown) - Bomb Mission

-Level Design by David 'DaveJ' Johnston
-Original skybox by Valve, recolor by CounterStrikePointBlank.Wordpress.com
-WAD Texture by Sandicode & CSPB
-Screenshot for Texture by Revian
-Map Reference by Revian
-Mapping & compile by Counterstrikeunite.blogspot.com

In an effort to vilify The Corps, Aegis Inc has planted a vehicle in Corps regalia in the center of a major city ready to release a chemical attack. The Corps has received information and been lead to believe that if the chemical is blown up it will be made inert and not kill anyone. Prevent The Corps from destroying the vehicle before it goes off!

Aegis: Defend the objectives or eliminate the Corps presence!
Corps: Deploy bombs or eliminate the Aegis presence!

Download de_downgrade map for Counter Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero

Note: This map is playable in CS Extreme, by having precache control plugin installed.
If you don't have it, please download Precache Control Plugin here.

Thanks for NOT reuploading this map.

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